Tokyo - Japan


BHTC JAPAN is situated in Yokohama, which is the second highest populated city (3.7 Mio. citizens), and one of the major port cities in Japan.

Our office is located a short walk distance from Shin-Yokohama station, a station where Shinkansen (a bullet train) stops and has direct access from the major airports. This strategic location enables us quick access to various customers very conveniently, which keep enhance BHTC’s presence in the JAPAN automotive market.


We constantly break new grounds, resulting in many world novelties and numerous patented solutions. Close cooperation with customers, suppliers, universities and other institutes ensure the development of new technologies. In addition, numerous continuous improvements ensure our technological lead. New technologies create new opportunities for operation. Our current products contain touch and proximity sensors as well as high-resolution displays with black panel effect. These technologies are complemented by tactile and acoustic feedback for easier operation. For us, comfort includes graceful and elegant surfaces made of various materials just as much as the climate control.


The innovation forms the basis for our successful product development. Technical competence, creativity and the experience of our numerous experts mix with each other. Thus, we have achieved a leading position as global manufacturer for climate control panels and units for vehicle air conditioning, representing them until today and want to further expand it in the future. International teams form our centre of our corporate culture. Our employees meet their international colleagues in the office, work towards common goals and regularly exchange ideas worldwide via video and teleconferencing. Global cooperation is everyday life at BHTC.


Our employees are our engine and the key to our success. The interplay of technical competence, creativity, commitment and experience of the various experts creates the innovations that form the basis of our successful development. With us, every employee can and should take over responsibility for his or her tasks, be able to contribute and develop on a permanent basis as well as personally. Therefore, we have established numerous training and development opportunities for our employees in order to bring our team forward, in a technological as well as personal manner.


    BHTC combines the international perspectives of a large cooperation with the advantages of a medium-sized enterprise. To be part of BHTC means collaboration within professional teams, an attractive salary as well as a good work-life balance.


    Be a part of BHTC and design the display and control systems of tomorrow with us. Our committed, dynamic and experienced employees enable us to continue our success story and to reach our goals.

    We have faith in our employees who master the challenges as an automotive supplier by working continuously on new ideas, by contributing their creativity and having passion for our products.

    What are you waiting for? Join us and continue our success story together with us!

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